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Growth Mindset

I found this as a great extension of my previous post, on Growth mindsetScreen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.33.13 PM


Speaks for itself

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Bidna Capoeira

I am amazed at what these People have done.

They have gone beyond providing the basic needs to live/survive that other agencies can give.

They are providing the needs of human minds and bodies to regain their wellbeing.

Refugee stories

This article reiterates Melissa Fleming, in asking refugees about their story.

I am a curator!!

I was surprised to realise that I was a blogger …..and now I am also a curator.

A Curator does not have to be a person who just deals with priceless antiquities in a Museum, but can be a Curator of web information.

I have a Facebook page that I sift through other peoples items (That is Ingesting information, Analysing information and Contextualising information) and then choose what to share…I curate.

I also realise that Facebook Big Brother is curating the news. What appears is not breaking news that they have researched but someone has  been sifting through a lot of news items, deciding what is right for the context and then shared the news items….curation

Syrian Refugees in Australia -21st Century Citizens of the World.

I have long thought that we will all be Citizens of the world one day and the Syrian Refugees will not be any different.In the Future  an EU model of the world may occur. People are already moving around the globe easily due to more accessible transport options and affordability to live,work and holiday. Many hold duel passports or citizenships.

This will increase as more people around the world are displaced from their homes. The Syrians being displaced not  of their own choosing, due to war and crisis unlike others who choose this way of living but it is happening none the less and will have the impact of accelerating The Citizen of the world affect.

conversely people will need to go to Syria to help restore what is left when the crisis subsides, linking Syria back to the rest of the world as a country for Citizens of the World

Syrian Refugees in Australia -Role of the Educator

This future Learning space has Educators doing exactly what they are doing in the present learning space in accordance with the Mission Statement and enacting this by:

Healing -to listen, counsel, to show patience

Learning – To be dedicated to the curriculum, flexible, adjust/modify, foster learning

Opportunity– To give hope, positivity, look to a brighter future

Syrian Refugees in Australia need: Healing, Learning, Opportunity

These are the 3 things I believe are needed as quoted from Melissa Fleming and in the Mission Statement of my Future Learning Space

Healing through prayer and counselling

Learning through curriculum and programs

Opportunity through work placement and community engagement.

Syrian Refugees in Australia-Educational Capital

“Educational capital refers to educational goods that are converted into commodities to be bought, sold, withheld, traded, consumed, and profited from in the educational system. Educational capital can be utilized to produce or reproduce inequality, and it can also serve as a leveling mechanism that fosters social justice and equal opportunity.” (Wikepedia)

The feature image shows the vast amount of Educational Capital in the Syrian Refugees.An ‘investment’ is made in the education of children(and/or adults) to make a ‘profit’ in the potential skills and knowledge derived from the investment. e.g Skilled tradesman, Business trained professionals etc.

Many of the Syrian Refugees already have a large amount of Educational capital that can be harnessed and fostered in the skills, trade, experience and education they already have and the Australian people can benefit from this great source.

Educational Capital can also ‘profit’ socially, as the Syrian Refugees  become better in trades/skills etc but also a change in attitude to a build a positive future.This Positivity can then be used to rebuild Syria as well as make changes to people’s negative attitudes worldwide to the Muslim community.

Therefore The Future Learning Space for the Syrian Refugees needs to contain facilities for skills/trades and higher education.

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