Salmon has helped my confidence in the online space as I like the awareness of there being stages to strive towards to give me assurance that I am on the right path and that there is a goal to strive towards.

I am feeling more confident, at around stage 3 now.

I have been posting and replying to people but am very self conscious that I am doing or saying  the wrong thing, so will spend a bit of time agonising over posts before I send them.

I am very independent in my nature and don’t seek help from people much, I would rather search for solutions myself than ask someone for help me. Therefore I am still uncomfortable asking other classmates for opinions on matters and I don’t feel confident to give my opinions to classmates.

This whole reflection is making me feel uneasy.

I am actually becoming one one the types of students that drive me crazy. We are head high in group PBL now and I have a number of students who will continually ask me for my opinion or if they are doing something correctly. I have to remind them that themselves and I are not a group, to communicate with their group members to solve problems.

Ashamedly I contacted Adam before contacting classmates.