I have definitely had Transformative learning as I am a Mum returning  to full time work and forced to return to university. The stages of my learning:

  1. Exhausted and confused
  2. Feeling guilty about the lack of time for the families needs and a lack of confidence in the challenges I have taken on
  3. Examining whether taking on all of these challenges at once was a good idea.
  4. Talking to friends about overwhelmed feelings
  5. Look for other options that could be taken
  6. Get organised into a better routine to deal with all challenges
  7. Seek colleagues with the same challenges and get some tips
  8. Give it all my best shot, that is all I can do.
  9. The more that gets done, the more competent I feel in the new challenges
  10. A family, Full time work and study are now a regular part of life

Mezirow, J. (2009). An overview on transformative learning. In I. Kund (Ed.), Contemporary Theories of Learning: Learning Theorists…..In Their Own Words (pp. 92–94). Taylor & Francis.