I am always looking for new ways of doing things online but this is not the answer!!!!             Was this written by Twitter to promote Twitter?

I think that the negatives of using social media for professional reasons far out way the positives. Even though the number of points I made are more for positives, the weight of each of the negatives can be catastrophic.


  • Share resources with other educators
  • Can do real time online professional development
  • Get updates from professional educational organisations
  • Can be a valuable  PLN
  • Casts a very wide net of possible professional connections.
  • Opens up a cyber library of Educational resources
  • Can set up a personal and a separate professional account


  • School advise only to use their systems when communicating with colleagues, students and parents
  • The suggestion of communicating with parents is completely inappropriate
  • Too many guidelines to follow, to not fall into unprofessional traps.
  • Is only really appropriate between teachers, not teacher and students
  • Can choose your followers but that then limits possibilities for networking and defeats the purpose.
  • Cannot control if a follower retweets your posts.


Further Twitter ideas and Resources