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September 2015

Teachers without Borders

This is an organisation that I have never heard of. The name immediately makes me think of Doctors without borders and the vital charity work they do in healthcare.

I have always thought that basic needs needed to be met in times of crisis and not considered education. Sometimes the crisis is quite lengthy though, so continuing education is vital for  the future of the individual involved and for the overall community/cultural group.

Teachers Without borders makes me feel:

  • Proud to be one of such a large group of people worldwide.
  • Empowered to be one that can make such big changes.
  • A Sense of Responsibility to make the necessary changes.


Everyone has the Right to Education

This article makes me feel glad of the country I was born into. Our government meets the obligations as set out by UNESCO. Education is:

  • available
  • accessible
  • acceptable
  • adaptable

Education is such an integral part of our lives that it is sometimes taken for granted. I see this in my school as students have never been away from education, so they do not understand what it is to not have such a vital thing,that children in other parts of the world are fighting to have.

Adults also need to have the necessary education available to them; for Personal future gain, for their own Families, the Community they live in and their Country.


I had never thought about Europe as any more than a Geographical space. but with the advent of the EU it is now a whole economy with its own infrastructure.

Therefore the Syrian refugee crisis is one that affects all of Europe not just individual countries with singular agendas.

The change to being the EU was a liminal space, as is this new challenge of the displacement of millions of Syrians.

With The large amount of people migrating, it  makes sense that they are given voice to what they need. Counties need to let go of their old ways to find new ways of dealing with this challenge. The solutions may not be evident yet but time needs to be given to consider possible solutions

Who cares what their religion is!!!!

Facebook is where I get the majority of my world news and I have noticed that the same information is then repeated on radio and the news.

Earlier this month when The Eurostar had to be shut down:

Facebook ran the information on its news feed and when the link was clicked on, the second article was from an anti muslim blogger.She took to social media with her anti-Muslim propaganda with her heading Muslim stopping the Eurostar and went on an anti-muslim rant.

I was appalled at the lack of sympathy and humanitarianism  in this woman  to the plight of these desperate people.

They are people not a religion.

Syrian refugee crisis- In memorial

Aylan Kurdi

I was shocked and appalled to see the photograph of the poor toddler Aylan Kurdi on the beach. Thus why I have not used it in my blog.

I was disgusted at how disrespectful it was to  photograph  the child and to have it sent around the world through the news networks and social media.

I have been upset about this kind of news reporting for some time, as it seems the norm now to take video and stills of people who are at their most vulnerable time and then sell it to the media.

I did however,come to the realisation that this image did in fact spotlight the reality of the Refugee crisis and bring the crisis to the world stage.

This photograph will be an image for generations to come like others to document world atrocities, which in time I have even come to be able to publish.

download (4)images

Syrian refugee Crisis -What You Need To Know about the Children (World Vision)

  • 12 Millions Syrians have been forced from their homes, 1/2 of that number are children.
  • 240,000 people have been killed 12,000 of those children.
  • 5,000-14,000 schools have been damaged.
  • There has been the largest decline in education in the region in its entire history.
  • Children are at risk of illness, malnourishment, abuse and exploitation.
  • Families may Arrange marriages for their 13 year old girls, to try and ensure their safety.
  • Many children are forced to quit school to work, to help provide for their families.
  • Children do not have anywhere to play, to just be kids
  • Children need to recover from atrocities they have witnessed, through support.

What’s in my Bag?

I found this article truly confronting, to see the reality of leaving all your possessions behind and take the absolute necessities.

As a Mother, it struck me that the majority had medicines with them, to ensure that their children did not get sick. They also were not carrying any personal family momentoes, which were probably long behind them, from when they left their own homes. As a woman I realised the women did not have any sanitary needs in their bags.

This really made me think  what I would have in bags for my family :

1. I have son with Epilepsy so his medication would be top of the list but how do these people get medication for this and other illnesses in the conditions they are living in.

2. personal hygiene items-toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant

3. General medicines- panadol,vitamins  etc

In the end I can’t think of anything, if we were together and alive that is all that matters.

Liminal Spaces- The Australian Curriculum

Liminal Spaces are everywhere , everyday throughout our lives.

They can be enormous changes like the Syrian refugees or even as trivial as a  purchase of a new sofa that I don’t know how is going to work in my loungeroom.

It is letting go of the old methods and leaping into new ones without maybe knowing what the new methods maybe.

Educationally I can feel liminal spaces on a daily basis:

when I have a student with challenging behaviour, that may be coupled with Learning issues.The old Black and white approach to the student does not work but a change needs to be made…to what is unknown-Liminal space.

Technology in schools is ever changing. Next year we are going to bring your own device from being a macbook am I going to deal with that in each lesson is unknown yet-Liminal space.

One of the biggest changes in recent times was the advent of the Australian Curriculum, then the planning, the program writing and now the implementation….how that was all going to pan out using  PBL was unknown -Liminal Space

My approach to all these and other daily issues is key to getting beyond the Liminal Space. Open mindedness to new things a positive attitude and awareness that it is a process that you may not have the answers for, when you begin the liminal space journey.

The Power of Yet-Growth mindset

I was fortunate to be part of a cluster meeting last week where this Philosophy was discussed.

I was inspired to investigate this philosophy further  to enhance the individual learning of my students.I find a lot of my students very closed to the idea of education and Learning, so I am hoping I can change their attitudes


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