I did it….

Today I had my students complete a Jigsaw activity and it went better than I expected.Our programs have a lot of Project based learning (PBL)  that is definitely more “group work” and collaborative learning”

The thing I noticed the most was what the readings were saying about Co-operative learning, about being able to better assist the students in their social interactions in the groups, rather than focus on the content being given.

To conclude the lesson, I praised the students for how well they had done, the first time doing this type of activity and to reflect on positives and negatives of the experience.

There was one positive piece of feedback but they were highly critical of themselves such as: experts not being prepared with their contribution, members not listening to each other. We concluded that we had all learnt a lot for the next time we did a similar activity.

In reflection from this week’s readings and this experience, I have learnt that more structured Co-operative learning is definitely more beneficial to the students- To my surprise!!!