Autonomy and Connectivist Learning are the keys to the Individual’s self direction in the online space

I have examined how I fit or don’t fit into Bouchard’s (2009) Factors that influence Autonomous learning for my success as an Individual learner


1.Conative –I am Intrinsically self motivated and organised.

2. Algorithmic – I am personally able to set up my week with the required amount of time to pace the work to reach goals, without assistance.


3. Semiotics- I have completed  2 other online courses so am able to mange the new learning medium of the internet. Each course does explore more tools that need to be evaluated and navigated to reach goals.

4.Economy- Is foremost for future employment but I am now becoming aware of the  value of the Learning to my teaching.


I reflected on my success in Downes and Siemens Connectivist learning Factors:

1.Aggregation of information- I Complete the reading and make notes

2.Remix/reflect- I Mull over it for a couple of days

3.Repurposing- I Spit it back out on wordpress in another form, apply it to teaching or put it into an assignment

4.Share with others- I Blog about it,  have lively discussion with colleagues and share academic readings with colleagues.

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My reflection on Downes and Siemens  challenges for Connectivist Learning

1.Nature of The Network– Online Learning is a necessity for me. The traditional going in to an institution would be impossible. This platform makes learning available.

2.Literacies- I am fortunate to have an open mind set when it comes to computers. There is always new ways to do things and I am happy to meet the challenge of understanding new language that comes with programs/tools etc.

3.Cloud Computing- This is an area that I am continuing to improve on. Using etc and moving away from word etc.

4. Semantic web – This is my biggest challenge. Education is now all about Smart Data. I have to force myself to get involved in and evaluate this information.