This reading  not only had me thinking about myself as an adult learner and being self directed but also my students and their ability/lack of ability to self direct.

Students may have the intrinsic ability to be self directed  but also extrinsic factors influence this. I observe this is my students on a daily basis where families do not value education for their children.

All learning has components of self direction. A project you decided to pick up and see through to the end yourself e.g teach yourself how to use wordpress or just complete a set question/exercise/task individually or within a group.

I reflected  on my own Learning, in taking up education  at my age: Goal oriented, Activity oriented or learning oriented.

To start, my study was goal oriented to complete the course so that I am employable.This seems like a singular sequence of steps to get to my goal. However, along the way I have learnt random knowledge/skills/attitudes that were not my goals. Thus learning can be incidental and accidental as education is life long and does not necessarily have a beginning, middle and end.