To sum up what I learnt about group learning can be found in a great discussion I had with a colleague this week. She came to talk to me about a peer mentor reading program being run as she herself is studying and wanted some experience with this type of learning.

This type of learning reflected what  I read about Co-operative learning.

  1. Everyone in the group is responsible for everyones learning. Not strictly so with the peer mentoring . The mentor is learning social, leadership skills while the mentoree is learning reading and social skills
  2. Focus is on the learning not the end product. The reading mentor program is a good example of that as there is not a goal to read/ write a certain book but to improve reading skills.

This then helps move away from archaic group work, where everyone in the group is contributing something different to reach the end product. Archaic can also be said for Collaborative learning as the students may come together but  , they are still focused on producing an end task not what they have learnt

in the peer mentor reading there is no grade for an end product but a grade on the improved standard of reading attained.