Liminal Spaces are everywhere , everyday throughout our lives.

They can be enormous changes like the Syrian refugees or even as trivial as a  purchase of a new sofa that I don’t know how is going to work in my loungeroom.

It is letting go of the old methods and leaping into new ones without maybe knowing what the new methods maybe.

Educationally I can feel liminal spaces on a daily basis:

when I have a student with challenging behaviour, that may be coupled with Learning issues.The old Black and white approach to the student does not work but a change needs to be made…to what is unknown-Liminal space.

Technology in schools is ever changing. Next year we are going to bring your own device from being a macbook am I going to deal with that in each lesson is unknown yet-Liminal space.

One of the biggest changes in recent times was the advent of the Australian Curriculum, then the planning, the program writing and now the implementation….how that was all going to pan out using  PBL was unknown -Liminal Space

My approach to all these and other daily issues is key to getting beyond the Liminal Space. Open mindedness to new things a positive attitude and awareness that it is a process that you may not have the answers for, when you begin the liminal space journey.