I found this article truly confronting, to see the reality of leaving all your possessions behind and take the absolute necessities.

As a Mother, it struck me that the majority had medicines with them, to ensure that their children did not get sick. They also were not carrying any personal family momentoes, which were probably long behind them, from when they left their own homes. As a woman I realised the women did not have any sanitary needs in their bags.

This really made me think  what I would have in bags for my family :

1. I have son with Epilepsy so his medication would be top of the list but how do these people get medication for this and other illnesses in the conditions they are living in.

2. personal hygiene items-toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant

3. General medicines- panadol,vitamins  etc

In the end I can’t think of anything, if we were together and alive that is all that matters.