I watched this last night. Not for the faint hearted with bad language, violence and sexual references. Some of it is a bit close to home with the attitudes of both students and teachers.

The overall message is about not giving up on what looks hopeless and affecting change.This being done with a positive attitude and making connections with students.

The students in the fictional school are the product or fleeing from wars, being refugees and families coming to Australia seeking a better life.

I feel the school is in a liminal space, as they want/need to make change and have let go of the old ways and are seeking new ways without knowing exactly what they may be. I feel it could possibly be a future Learning Space in reality, if education is not given to everyone about the issues of immigration.

I feel that this is also another type of Learning space but I cannot put my finger on it. I know that it is not about:

  • The classroom
  • an excursion/incursion
  • group
  • Individual
  • Technology

So what is it called?……….experiential? Role-modelled?authorative?….ideas?