“Educational capital refers to educational goods that are converted into commodities to be bought, sold, withheld, traded, consumed, and profited from in the educational system. Educational capital can be utilized to produce or reproduce inequality, and it can also serve as a leveling mechanism that fosters social justice and equal opportunity.” (Wikepedia)

The feature image shows the vast amount of Educational Capital in the Syrian Refugees.An ‘investment’ is made in the education of children(and/or adults) to make a ‘profit’ in the potential skills and knowledge derived from the investment. e.g Skilled tradesman, Business trained professionals etc.

Many of the Syrian Refugees already have a large amount of Educational capital that can be harnessed and fostered in the skills, trade, experience and education they already have and the Australian people can benefit from this great source.

Educational Capital can also ‘profit’ socially, as the Syrian Refugees  become better in trades/skills etc but also a change in attitude to a build a positive future.This Positivity can then be used to rebuild Syria as well as make changes to people’s negative attitudes worldwide to the Muslim community.

Therefore The Future Learning Space for the Syrian Refugees needs to contain facilities for skills/trades and higher education.